White Seagull Beach
Written By ZetaMAN
Produced By Montana Morris
The Zetaman Project
Attlast Entertainment

Verse 1

Right by the seashore
I see jaws of life
to me though
I need more than just some
surround me combined
with egos
get freak hoes to find
cheap blow
I smoke to get my nerves
under me though
it's lies I tell myself
so deceitful
I can't run from my past
and all the evil
that lay's come back to say
hey chico
what you doing back in Greece
you must leave no
I can't till I come see
what you did to
me yo
need you to be more
exact this is more then rap
its my life you're playing with
so dont make me go
cuz I'm weighing it
I will go weigh it
see if my shoulders
can carry the load
its scary but the cemetery
is buried with
body's that probably
well lets just say
didn't live their life exactly how they wanted
it's the seesaw of life
goes back to my point earlier
what weighs more alright
my future or my past
present or Attlast
see this is the effects
of having intellect
oh porn addiction
is the effects of having internet
remember when you was that kid
lying in the bed
don't tell me you forgot
how it felt like
living in a refugee camp
please rescue me man
isn't that what you told me
so I did I gave your nerves nerves
I gave your birth worth
I gave your curse words
I gave your credit to your name even
I gave your dreams meaning
I gave you eyes vision
I made the world realize in your flows
so dope now they listen
and hang on to every statement you make
they worship you
your gonna ask how did the metamorphosis just happen
from standin on the corners and porches just rappin
it was me dont forget that either
the black hugh hefner
now ask whose better
I'm a product of Rakim
2 Pac Eminem with a little bit
of Biggie in that bitch
and the way I tell stories
you'd swear I stole Nas mic
told him I'm a take it real quick
even got some dj quick in my shit
yeah look
aint I the shit
who you can find like me
I'm one of a kind
you need me Izzy


Capturing The Zetaman
Written By Zeta
Produced By Vocaine
Additional Production By Zeta
The Zetaman Project
Attlast Entertainment

General Noose

target is located
20 clicks away
alright guys lets land this bad boy near the beach
alright the mission is to bring
the zetaman back to Attlast laboratories
now the good doctor says
this is a high volatile target
we have to proceed with extreme caution
do not and I repeat do not
listen to a word he says
do not look into his eyes
remember this guy is smarter than us
stronger than us
so you don't want to approach this guy on your own
Im I clear
sir yes sir
alright guys
theres 8 of us today and there is going to be 8 of us tomorrow
I'm not loosing anybody
alright Tom lets go ahead and land this chopper
load up your weapons guys
on my go
we're gonna approach him on the south west corner
sniper your ready
sir yes sir
make sure you got the tranquilizers
I got it
lets go guys


The 8 Soldiers

Slow down slow down
hold up  hold up
two ticks
two ticks
you ready

Agent Snow

we've come to take you back home
now we can do this two ways
we can do this the hard way
or we can do this the easy way
your completly sourrounded
put your hands up where we can see them
get on the floor
we're taking you home back to the lab
you pick how you want this to go

The Zetaman

Oh shit
come and get me general
come and get me
show me what you got
I'm the Zetaman

Agent Snow

alright guys we're gonna have to do this option 2
load and rock and roll
lets go

The Zetaman

you sure you want to do that General?

Agent Snow

Open fire!