When You Left
Written By Zeta
Produced By Faul
The Z Mix Volume 1
Attlast Entertainment

Verse 1

Its Friday Night
I'm getting dressed
I get a text
like what your doing
I'm heading out
boys coming through
we got a section
fountain blue
I'm a live my life
I'm a do it right
pop bottles baby
spark up the night
what you got in mind
oh your staying home
all alone
sucks to be you huh

I'm building rome
setting my throne
you could've been my queen
but you told move on
so move on I did
now I'm with my clique
and we fresh as shit
you should see us stunt
man I'm number one
you said this was dumb
it wouldnt work out
well look how wrong you huh
well its cool
gotta let you go
cuz now we at the club
and we bout to roll

(Repeat multiple times)

you shouldn't of left
we are right
we are right
you shouldnt of left
we were fine
we were fine
You shouldn't of left
I took you the movies
I bought you chocolate smoothies
You shouldn't of left
now you all alone
Friday night at home
all on your own
you shouldnt of left