Three Strikes
Written By ZetaMAN
Produced By !llmind
Additional Arrangements By Zeta
The Zetaman Project
Attlast Entertainment


Strike 1

They say money gon change me (uh uh)
money change those around me (yup yup)
so don't ask me for a penny (give me money)
cuz I aint gon give you nothing (why)
its not that I'm heartless and stingy
I just don't remember you at the beginning (oh)
now you see me shining (bling)
now you wanna get behind me (I got your back)
see I find that kinda funny
cuz you used to say I'm bummy
that I'd never amount to nothing
oh maybe I'm bugging
I'd done seen it all love now I got a couple of cousins
that I consider as brothers but the rest of you
suckers better suck on some pipe you're probably
suckers for life if you name aint on
my fuckin list I insist you
get out of sight(move it)
I don't remember none of you kids
so kid I don't understand why you all on my biz
now bitch
furnish your self a pair of balls
so I can grab a pair of scissors and tear em off
stare don't miss it
marry a wizard
and raise a dog
kinda odd
but its in care of God


Strike 2

losing my mind
I've been losing my mind
be a crime against time
If I give up a dime (x4)

if I gave you chance
perhaps gave you dance
would you give me your soul
replace what they stole(x2)

I'm a heartbreaker
darth vader
meets dark Zeta (hi)
meet the street sweeper
get off hater

I'm brushing them off
bitches fuckin em all
get on your knees baby
and start sucking them balls


This is murder music
the type of music
make you want to murder to it

(die muthafucka die)

This is drug music
the type of music
make you want to do drugs to it

(feel it in your vein)

This is gangsta music
the type of music
make you want to bang to it

(gang holla)

This is Zeta's music
the type of music
even haters get into it


Strike 3

Ok you told me to murder
so I did
now I'm locked in jail
life sentence prison
all because Zeta Attlast presents
his little fucking stories
I'm stuck in here
with this fag here
looking at my ass
like he wants to lick it
if only I just accepted the
the ticket
from that policeman
if it wasn't for Zeta's music
I wouldn't be here like
please man
I was just on my way to Cleveland
to burn Lebron's jersey
I just wanted to test my gun out
cus it was not working
when I tried to kill that little kid
in the parking lot at burger king
I tried to load my glock but it wouldn't cling
I dropped it he made a run for it
but fell and tripped
and I landed on his
oh oh oh shit
I didnt mean that kid
I was just trying to stab you a couple of times
rap you a couple of lines
that I heard from this guy online
his name was ah fuck it good night