This Is Hip-Hop
Written By Zeta
Produced By Zinget Laser Storm
The Z-Mix Volume 1
Attlast Entertainment


Welcome to the death zone
neighbor to the death's home
seen shit get blown
I'm the rap ven goah
pulling on the endo
machines got a signal
playin with a ken doll
stole the ring from gandolf
litters out
sit it down
bitches get d
niggas get
I just dont tease em
I feed em
dicks in there mouth
now who better then zeta

seconds thought
check us out
you chicken shits
never spit
check the
wu tang
with a shot of sharde
we can blow bombay
and it would be a bomb day
got a blond babe
and she got days
like kanye
she goes off hey
like she drops shit out of no where
like beyonce
on a odd day
got the blog game
better yet
lets talk some shit
like hey
what the fuck is it taking you so long
to drop a fuckin album
one day I was walking bye
with a walkman on when I caught a guy
giving me an awkard eye
you know the rest of that

thinking something wrong
But I think we'll never know
hinges off the door
and we walking in for more
damn are we at war
cus I remember it was about
flowing as a kid
just foaming at the mouth
H H H H town
hold this shit down
maybe something with me
that I havent figured out
I just feel music
should be more then just
a style
to me its my life
and I'm writing it down


 this is the z mix
I tried to warn you
maybe even transform you
you aint get the point did you
I'm a keep coming till
I'm fuckin round you neck
I'm the new beast
you dont know
fucker I'm the best
fuck a secret kid
I'm seeking for a threat
wanna feel death
smoke a
hundred cigarreets

ahha ahha

clearing out my throat
getting out my robe
my flows on a stove
heating up
see it just blow
I'm the boss
fuck around and get blown
oh oh
fuck a damn nigga
eminem said
I'm the man now  
ladies get blues
cus your a lookin ass niggas
never about shit
never had figuers
you bitches
fuck nigga
you fucked over your father
when he fucking gave you a deal
like give ladies a feel
kid taste it its real
chick make some meals
fuck a macklemore
with his fuckin ass
I aint hating
be real..


thats the fuckin shit that I fuckin I love baby
cus this is muthafuckin hiphop nigga
this the muthafukin hiphop nigga
you aint welcome here nigga
this is zeta man nigga
I'm the zeta man nigga
this is attlast entertainment bitch