This Aint Workin
Written By Zeta Feat Mike Anthony & Bishop Lamont
Produced By Paul Cabbin
The Z Mix Volume 1
Attlast Entertainment



Just give me a chance ok
cus your gon be sorry
if you leave now
and I be some body tomorrow
you gon be sorry
I'm Zetaman

Verse 1

Pandemonia at my house
throw up on my couch
and your blouse
talking all that shit
out your mouth
better wat--
what what you doing
with that fuckin fendi on
put that fuckin down
and pull your clothes on
cant believe how you switched on me
flipped the script on me
put your middle finger in my face
one more time I swear I'll probably break it
and leave you in this place
and tell you to sail it
what you sayin I aint made it yet
well that depends on your view of making it
and no your right I'm not famous yet
not on the same level as Em Dre Jay Drake or Kanye is yet
but better believe I'm coming next
yeah bull that shit
your always saying that
and you aint made a penny yet
so how are you gonna pay me back
for the studio time I got for you
or the gas money that I lent you
don't pretend you
even care your so selfish
I needed money for my hair
and nails
but nooooooooo
instead I bought you a trackout wav
from Paul fuckin Cabbin
just so you can make it happen
I'm calling it quits
this aint working
this aint worth it
I'm done with it
but baby we almost there
and I swear I'll buy you the best horses hair