Shut Em Down
Written By Zeta Feat LL Cool J
Produced By LL Cool J
The Z-Mix Volume 1
Attlast Entertainment


[1st Verse]

Peep my agenda
flow on the beat
with a speech you’ll remember
Cold with the heat
now reach for the tender
side of life if ya decide to ride
can’t greet you pretender
Seek your defender sleep with your
Gender diseased is ya member sneak
Through police peace to center jailhouse
System listen my mind is imprisoned
With three years of a temper that almost
Got me three years in the center so please
Just keep your beef away from me cuz z will
Love to pull out the snub out and unleash the defender
Think you can keep up with me me see doubles as threes
Total mind fuck with a vocal skill now hold ya mic up
Show your grind up oh no shows gonna have to hold
So now its time up I I I I shut em down so quick line up em up you bitch
I get ready


I shut 'em down
(Get Off Me!!, You Can't Hold Me!!)

[2nd verse]
LL Cool J

To the next plateau niggas bet my flow
Betta bet I role wit more control
Gotta bring the heat that eliminate who can't compete
Spit razors to rip the beat
Relentless endless friendless when it comes to the lyrical mack
Now off my back stack 'em drag 'em now feds waggin
Hear you fassen place on the blood of my veins without passion
Mashin take a little time to think the rhyme out
How to find out
Bump and grind out
Pump the lines out
I'mma show what the microphone is all about without doubt
C to the double O bounce in the bubble eye limo
No I ain't checkin for you bull shit demo
Everytime you hear me in a battle I'm lethal
Nigga too sweet 'n low you ain't equal

I shut 'em down (16x)
(after the 8th time)Get Off Me!!, You Can't Hold Me!!)

[3rd verse]
LL Cool J

I can take you to the level if I let my phantom
Nigga bout to rule the world wit one anthem
Kidnapped rap for a handsome ransom
Smoke a little Branson on the side of the mansion
Keep it thugged out even when a nigga dancing
Branson make that trans and keep it dancing
I'mma murder every nigga in the game
Can't stand the rain
Fuck a maintain
Gotta leave the world in flames
Nigga wanna live life stay out of my lanes
Tryin to read my name
Here's a murderous combo wit you on your pain
Sideways stimulator bringin the flames
Niggas wanna feel me spit the whole clips
Sing along it will split your lip
45 wit an name on the grip
Niggas said you wanna batlle
Nigga now talk shit

I shut 'em down (16x)
(after the 8th time)Get Off Me!!, You Can't Hold Me!!)