Make A Way
Written By ZetaMAN
Produced By Paul Cabbin
Additional Violin work By Joel Hagglund
Additional Production By Zeta
The Zetaman Project
Attlast Entertainment

Verse 1

This was my tape, I was supposed to break
I was supposed to wait, but I was so close to great
almost threw my hope away
once I got close to Dre
talked to his brother Warren
gave me a shoutout like
yo you're ethiopian? 
kid you dope
that's all it took I was hooked right in
writing writing lighting on my writing pen
if it wasn't for my pen I think I'd be in one then
I could instantly see what I was becoming then
oh oh oh oh
who said I'd be nothing
I bet them teachers teaching
singing allegiance to the flag deceiving
never seen this coming
have a stare at my genius
you paraplegic
you barra believe leave it
cuz when I leave this place
I'm a tear it in pieces
so prepare yourself for what the
arrogance teaches
it aint fair but fair is needless
you pair of leeches
where's the thesis
these sisters want
to love me and
share my deepest
but I see deeper
they'll do what Judas did when he was in the
care of Jesus
back stabber!!!!!!!


I came in from the dark
I showed them all my heart
and they all told me no
but I still made a way
yeah I still made a way
dont worry bout a thang
cuz we are all the same
and yeah we'll make a way
I know we'll find a way