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With passion for the sound of music


The Story.

There was a time where the artist needed to have some sort of unique background or story.  It sets up the setting for the audience to really dive in and be one with the artist.  The last 5-7 years with maybe a few exceptions labels have released artist with no background or stories just singles. That takes away from the music.  Because anyone can make a beat anyone can bust a rhyme but to be able to tell a meaningful story in an entertaining way there's very few acts that can do that and have done that. That is where I come in. Listen carefully my music has every part of my soul my experience feelings and dreams all over it.

The Feeling.

To me music is good for the soul.  You can be in a tough situations emotionally or maybe even mentally drained. But having that one on one time with an artist that you know has felt those same emotions can get you through a lot of harsh stressful moments that we all feel in life. That is what music has done for me and that is what I offer to my audience. I'm sort of like my own therapist because everything I feel is put back into my music.

Music is my religion
— Zeta Attlast

warehouse live 2013

warehouse live 2013

The Responsibility.

There is no greater thrill to me, than having one of my fans tell me how awesome my record was. That energy the audience gives back to me is my responsibility as a content creator to always move the needle to always elevate to keep pushing.  I always go for the "wow" response so that responsibility keeps me and my team in check.  It keeps us balanced and always forward thinking.

Live Performance 2013

Live Performance 2013

The Quality.

If someone was to ask me to buy a product from them.. I would expect it to be quality.  I have no problem buying music online or even getting the cd at the store.  I support quality music because I know how hard it is and how much is put in to make an above standard record. I will never sacrifice quality just to be able to make a profit.  If the record is not at 100% then it simply will not be released.  I feel the audience deserves an artist that truly cares for the craft and is an artist's ARTIST!.