Hate On Me

Written By Zeta Attlast Feat Rich God

Produced By Penacho

Additional Production By A Redd/Zeta



Intro (Rich God)


A yo Zeta

I got an extended clip on me (I swear)

I got an extended bitch on me (I swear)

aint no one’s on me(I swear)

I got a million hundred dollars on me bitch

hating on me


Verse 1 (Rich God)


Word to the wise

word to the wise

money not the only thing

don’t let them lie to you

lie to your eyes

see right thru the bullshit

watch them niggas that you say your cool with

don’t let them know how the fuck you do it

if you feel some type of way if the shoe fit

wear it nigga

scary ass nigga 

I grew up with Shaun Perry nigga

I aint never been a fairytale nigga

leave a will 

cuz I’ll spear a nigga

a bear nigga

clawing thru everything

balling like I’m Beverly 

I’m a hot topic so you know I move carefully 

especially cuz these haters watching my celebrity 

comparing me to these pussy niggas is a insult


touchdown whenever I touch down

bust down whatever don't cut down

cut around the whole circle gon eat

I wont sleep until the whole team on feet

I feel like big Meech R.I.P. streets

bankroll bitch I’m bout a bank roll 

fucking with Zetaman I got a gang of hoes 

I’m the black Jesus Christ hoe I come and take a soul



Pre Chorus (Zeta)


na na

na na

na na

na na

na na

na na




Hate on me (X9)


Verse 2 


Bitch nigga look we made it

came a long way from sleeping on pavements

now we only accepting big payments

I’m talking checks I’m talking banks

if you talk less you’d understand

but you just run your mouth

oh Mr. know it all

oh Mr. know it all

I don’t know why they hate on me

all of this money stay on me

all of your hoes is paying me

pay attention plain to see

all I did was win

all I did was win

all I did was win





Hate on me (X9)