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It all started when...

I failed for the 400th time.  What was I doing wrong? I paid for the trainer at the gym I got the newest running shoes I hit the weights hard I ran long fast I did HIIT I know about squats and bench press.  I know you need sleep I spent the money on the fat loss pills testosterone pills all the supplements What is it that I'm forgetting what is the puzzle the industry is not telling me? Follow IG @attlastfitness and we will begin the journey together. I am here for you.  Where they lead you wrong I'll be there to turn you in the right direction. The bullshit product they sold you I'll make em pay on your behalf.  They got rich while we watched our friends and family members die to diabetes and cancer from the food they gave us. Attlast Fitness that comes with LOVE.  Here's the first Gem I'll give you. Click here