Q: Where can I see you perform live?

A: The best way to find out tour dates is to stay in tune with Zeta's social media.

Q: Are you signed with a major?

A: At this moment we are enjoying building our own brand and the freedom to execute whatever idea we have on our own. With the advancement of technology and the internet we feel we can make an impact without the backing of a major label. We are however open to the right team that will move our vision forward.


Q: What does Attlast mean?

A: Attlast is the name of the record label and it's part of the stage name as well, (Zeta-Attlast)  It represents the struggle you go through to accomplish the goals set forth.  Nothing was giving to us or passed down to us.  We built everything from the ground up brick by brick.



Q: I would like to submit my work and possibly collab?

A: Musicians welcome!!!  Send your tunes/ideas to zetaattlastmusic@gmail.com we will get back to you if your work meets the standards we have at Attlast.