All That Matters
Written By Zeta
Produced By Poo Bear (Mdma)
The Z Mix Volume 1
Attlast Entertainment


I want to sing you a song
but I don't really know how to sing


All that matters to z is
having you sound so needless
why should I come over
what you want some....
truth is I want to start
something without having seeing you naked
having me and you make it
this far
makes me believe we can take it
to the stars and above
if we get love from a dove
must be heaven sent
been friends and all that
protectiveness that you think
aint love
come here give me hug
bed bites bug
the holes we've dug
the drugs we've done
and all for the sake of having what
having none
there's nothing that we haven't done
to each other
burn holes in each others chest
no peace without pain
war the price to pay
if freedom to be gained ugh
unless we give this up
or come to a common median
cus this train we on
has boarded
tracks been switched
no I wish I sort of
can get off my radar
but your like cnn
constant negative news
feel like I'm being in
a tornado erupting
volcano and all they know
is that I'm Bruce
but all that matters
to you is those new
 louboutin shoes
not shooting stars
just shoes and cars
fcvking brawds


all that matters to bitches
is how many digits a nigga got
all that matters to hoes
is how much a doh a nigga gon spent
on that ass